Coming Clean

As local government isn't anything like that madhouse down in London I am happy to confess to a complete fabrication in my last but one entry. I'm just not going to tell you what it was.

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Blow Football

Fergie drops into see me this morning.

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Is there anybody out there?

Last three postings have garnered a grand total of zero comments which makes me wonder yet again whether I'm blogging to myself, whether the entries are so complete and perfect comment is impossible, or whether they're just boring. I did think of inventing a nice provocative story like GMP cancel victory parade again but there are enough blogs around based on fiction without adding to their number.

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Bread and Butter

All our Scrutiny Committees are meeting this week but so far I haven't been summoned to appear before any of them, which has given me some time to concentrate on the bread and butter of being a councillor, my ward.

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Slowing Down

A catching up with paperwork day today plus lots of reports to clear for next week's Executive. A gentle pedal into the Town Hall (apart from the wind) helps loosen up muscles aching from yesterday's exertions in the Great Manchester Run.

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No Pier, No Pies

Back in February I was elected Chair of the Regional Leaders' Forum ( 4NW ) and although I've already taken part in a couple of meetings in that capacity, today is my first meeting in the Chair.

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Moving on Up

M is for Mayors, movement, MPs, and yes M People but this is the only appearance they will make in this blog and MPs I sort of dealt with yesterday. Today is the Annual Meeting of the City Council, a new Lord Mayor is installed, although, largely as an outcome of yesterday's events, I am only able to be present for the first ten minutes before I go off to meet Secretary of State for Transport, Geoff Hoon, the bearer of glad tidings. One of the other elections at the Annual Meeting is that of Leader of the Council, and I'm sure every reader of this will share my unbridled joy at being re-elected in my absence for another year.

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Money for Nothing

The big event today is the re-convened AGMA Executive board adjourned from last Friday when we continue to debate investment in Greater Manchester's transport infrastructure but more on that tomorrow when I know what the outcome is.

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May Economic Growth and Climate Change

Mid-morning and I'm walking down to the Cathedral Visitor Centre to talk to a Common Purpose session, actually a joint Manchester/Cheshire session about Leadership. Quite looking forward to it, not because of the subject, but because I'm confident there will be a really good question and answer session.

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Hi-speed Future

On a train at 6.55am this morning back from London to Manchester after attending a small dinner last night looking at how we can develop a high-speed rail service connecting London, Birmingham and the major cities in the North and Scotland.

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