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In or Out? In !

This is pretty much my last chance to blog about Europe as we are about to enter the period of " purdah " which will proceed the European referendum. My personal position is to very strongly support staying in the European Union. That's a position overwhelming shared by the City Council and by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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Sticking with Diversity

This very much follows on from my last post. This Wednesday saw the Annual Meeting of the Council. The Annual Meeting does a number of things including electing the Council Leader ( me again, sorry ) and making any necessary amendments to the Council's constitution ( and there always are some ). However it is probably better known for the Mayor making ceremony as each year the Council elects a new Lord Mayor.

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This is my first blog since last week's local elections and thought I would say something about the composition of the Council. Not the political composition, although that, with the election of a Liberal Democrat councillor, has changed. It is nowhere near the most significant change.

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