What I did on my holiday

AGMA Executive this morning in a very warm and sunny Swinton. First since I restarted blogging and an important one as the ten local authorities in the Manchester city-region begin to face up to the implications of the budget.

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M People

M for Manchester in this case. Only been back blogging for a couple of weeks and already beginning to fall behind. Back to yesterday which started with a short but important meeting looking at how we manage personnel and organisational development issues over the next 4/5 years.

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All Change

A mixed day starting with a CityCo Board meeting where the major item was a presentation on how the City Council is going to manage public realm in the city centre in the future and ending with a reception at the Band on the Wall where one of our partner organisations, Mace, are celebrating twenty years of being in the city.

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Good Neighbours

Several good community events in Crumpsall over the weekend. Moston Brook FC held their mega football tournament down by the Irk attracting the hundreds of young people taking part.

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First Cut is the Deepest

Unfortunately not. Yesterday Councils up and down the country began to get the first details of the cuts in this year's expenditure the new government are imposing on us. Manchester's "share" is £7m. It's not a fair share as it's more than 25% above the average reduction.

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The Thief of Time

Can't say that there's been overwhelming public demand but equally can't put it off any longer - the Leader's Blog returns.

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