Dull today, bright tomorrow?

Walked in to town this morning, arriving at the Town Hall just as a smatter of gentle rain began to fall. The Council's Executive meets this morning. The most significant item on the agenda is the local development framework core strategy, the policy that is likely to guide planning in the city for the next ten to fifteen years. Not the item that will claim the most attention though as there are also items on on-street parking in the city centre and on valuing young people.

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An Exotic Voyage

Work-related journeys are getting ever more exotic. This morning I get the tram into Victoria and then the train out to Swinton for a meeting of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (ever after GMCA) and the AGMA Executive.

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Green Bubbles

Fascinating meeting of the Environmental Advisory Panel yesterday evening which included a few guests from elsewhere in Greater Manchester as we were discussing the city-region's climate change action plan. There was a challenging section on metrics.

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Had visitors from two of those countries yesterday. First was Anand Kapoor, originally from Manchester, now from Delhi, who is putting together a programme aimed at increasing creative industry related trade between India and the UK. For a range of reasons including language, history and culture India-UK trade is already significant and has enormous potential so we will be looking at Mr Kapoor's proposals very carefully.

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There and Back Again

Back in time too, but only to yesterday, as very little of reportable interest happening today. Was on the 6.35am to London for a meeting of the LG Group Executive which is the governing body for the Local Government Association ( LGA ) and a number of other local government bodies that have been merged into it.

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A Manchester Model?

MPs from the Communities and Local Government Select Committee are in Manchester for a couple of days to look at economic development and regeneration. They were in Rochdale and Ancoats yesterday, and go to Hulme today.

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Stolen Time

Returning to the theme at the beginning of the week, it's not procrastination that's the thief of time, it's some of our major utility companies, and on this occasion I'm not talking about digging up roads here.

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Three in a row

There you are, you wait weeks for a blog post to come along and then you get three all at once. Pouring down outside as a thunder storm hits the city - appropriate weather for this morning's activity.

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To and Fro

For many years councillors in Manchester have been involved in parallel sets of meetings at ward level, one set dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour, the other with service co-ordination. Now, and not before time, these two things are being brought together in a single meeting.

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A month has passed since this year's local elections. It's been a very busy month but no excuse for not resuming the blog so here goes.

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