In Manchester we do things differently

A relatively short Council Executive Committee yesterday which normally means the next one will have loads of business to consider. After a short meeting with the Chair of the Police Authority, Paul Murphy, I walk over to Piccadilly to get a Birmingham train. I'm speaking at the Local Government Association's annual conference about the Whole Place Community Budget pilot currently running in Greater Manchester along with three other parts of the country, Essex, Cheshire West and Chester, and the tri-borough partnership in central London. We have long argued in Manchester that if we are to find effective solutions to deep-rooted problems of deprivation, we need far better integration between locally run services and those run or commissioned by national government. Sticking with yesterday's austerity theme, the current economic climate creates a new imperative for doing things in a radically different way. As the cuts continue to bite, it is very clear that simply cutting in traditional service silos, will have more and more negative impact on the lives of thousands of people.

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The Show Goes On

A year ago the city was enjoying a magnificent third Manchester International Festival, and although it's another year before the next festival, the last one is still busy putting Manchester on the national and international map.

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The Missing 75%

Two related events. One this morning was a meeting looking at a refresh of the Greater Manchester Strategy - but first, a revisit of the history. The MIER (Manchester Independent Economic Review) was published in 2009. The work of the various externally recruited research teams was overseen and brought together by a group of eminent people in the field of economics. It presented the strengths of our economy, its weaknesses, and was very challenging in a number of areas, not least land-use planning.

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Slave to the Rhythm

Was away on holiday last week hence no blog and it's always very difficult to get back into the rhythm. The problem has been compounded this week by being full of a cold ( that's not a plea for sympathy ). Normally I get ill the moment I take a break, but this time I came back rested and brimming with health, a state that lasted precisely two days. Virus notwithstanding, it has been quite an interesting week.

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Guest blog

Hi – no, I am not a hacker – I’m Sara and I do Communications, ICT and Customer Services with my team here at the Council. Richard’s taking a few days off and he has asked me to do a guest blog. I hope he is having better weather than we are! However, the rain can’t dampen the Manchester spirit and this summer we have so much to celebrate.

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