Guest Blog

Councillor Rosa Battle on the fight to save MOSI

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Had the unusual experience ( for me ) of spending the full day in London yesterday. Was on the 7am train down which was running early until just outside Euston when we had the not unusual experience of sitting outside waiting for a free track for ten minutes. Lack of capacity now - just imagine what it will be like twenty years hence and that's why we need HS2. Early appointments were Manchester Airport related before moving on to the Local Government Association.

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School's Cool

A heavy dose of Education this week. On Monday afternoon I chaired the second meeting of the new Strategic Education Partnership, a well-attended meeting with lots of strong, and vocal, personalities present, which made for some really good discussion.

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Ones and Zeroes

A really important conference/event ( is that an oxymoron ) in the Town Hall yesterday looking at Digital Skills. The rate of change in the world is phenomenal and accelerating and in many cases driven, underpinned, or made possible by computing. Digital industries, even in the recession have continued to grow, and we are struggling to keep up with the skills requirements. At the same time, the digital world is permeating virtually every aspect of our lives to the extent that computing skills are becoming almost as important as language and mathematics. This isn't about being able to download and use apps or being able to use a spreadsheet. This is about being able to create new hardware and software, to create new apps, to write computer code.

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