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Post Commonwealth Games, twelve years ago now, as the Council was reviewing what we needed to do to maximise benefit from a magnificent games, we spent a bit of time analysing the Manchester brand. Now this was not some advertising or PR activity, but an attempt to understand what Manchester is, and what distinguishes it from other places.

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A Healthy Challenge

Took part this morning in the Commuter Challenge. Five of us leaving from the car park of Crumpsall Green Methodist Church at 8am to see who would arrive at Albert Square first. There was me on my bike, Pavel on his goods bike ( carries up to 180kg ), Helen on the bus, Charlotte on the tram, and Rob travelling by car. Not surprisingly, the bikes arrived first, making the journey in fourteen minutes, twenty three minutes ahead of the next arrival.

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The People's Choice

I said I would say something about this year's local election results which led to a Council Chamber where all ninety six councillors were elected under the Labour Party's banner, though one now sits as an independent.

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Thank You Northwards

Will say something about elections later in the week, but want to start with another good news story from a visit I made last week.

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