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Good News

There is some good news but I'll finish with that. I'll start with yesterday's Executive Committee, the first of this municipal year, with as always all the reports available on the Council's website as well as a recording of the livestream.

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Not surprisingly the Council remains preoccupied with building safety, getting materials tested, making sure they complied with regulation and were fitted correctly, making sure buildings are safe including any necessary remedial work, and reassuring residents. As I indicated last week, there will be a full update on the agenda of this week's Executive Committee

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This morning Council Deputy Leader Bernard Priest gave a verbal report to our Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee on what the Council is doing, working with the Fire Service, in the aftermath of the dreadful Grenfell Tower Fire, to ensure all the tower blocks in the city are safe, that residents and workers are reassured, and clear advice is given on what to do in the event of a fire.

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The Blog is Back

The General Election is over which means I can return to blogging although, after a quite remarkable night, it might not be too long before we have another general election, and as a consequence another period of purdah.

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