No Easy Options

Some big decisions taken this week and not all of them will score highly in the popularity stakes, though one of the roles of elected politicians is to provide someone to blame for the hard decisions that sometimes need to be taken.

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The Final Curtain

Well for the next two years anyway. The 4th Manchester International Festival comes to an end this weekend and what a fantastic festival it has been and what a fabulous showcase for the city. The weather has helped of course and Festival Square aka Albert Square has been full from noon till late night every day of the last two weeks, indeed at times so full that people have had to queue to get in. It has been a very different programme to previous festivals, a far more serious one in keeping with the times, and one that makes you think, that generates discussion and debate.

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Under our Feet

Peterloo is present in two projects bringing the past back to life this week.

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Future Food

A report back from my meeting with the man from the ministry. A lot happening this week. Council on Wednesday, Core Cities Cabinet in Manchester Thursday, over to St.Helens for the Regional Leaders Board today, and the sun shining on the magnificent 4th Manchester International Festival everyday of this week ( and hopefully next after which I won't mind a bit of rain as long as it's gone in time for the Old Trafford Ashes Test ). However I'm going to go back to Tuesday, not for more train stuff but for a bit of food, farming and fishing.

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Decided to rename HSR as High Capacity Rail. That might not accurately describe what it is but better describes why, by the time HS2 phase 2 is built, in around 20 years time, we will need it.

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Building up Steam

Rail franchising offers the potential for jobs and growth for our region.

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Well Squeezed

More bad news for Councils with Government announcing further 10% cuts.

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