Gaza and Manchester

This is the text of a statement I made at today's meeting of the City Council;

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Being Representative

An interesting piece in the Local Government Chronicle a couple of weeks ago, at least I thought it was interesting, about the average age of Councillors in England. Essentially as a group we've been getting older. In 2004 the average age was 57.8, in 2010 it was 59.7, and its now 60.2. The South-West has the oldest Councillors, average age 62.3, London the youngest at 56.5. Councillors are also 67% male and 96% white which means that by and large councillors really do conform to the stereotype of old men in suits. How does Manchester do in comparison?

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Guest Blog by Cllr Rosa Battle

Public art divides opinion. It creates debate and gets people talking. This is part of the reason why it's so important we have good public art in vibrant and growing cities like Manchester.

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Northern (Power) House(s)

The Chancellor of the Exchequer's speech in Manchester yesterday got headline coverage around the idea of a virtual supercity of the North.

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