A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

ignorant - lacking in knowledge or awareness in general, uninformed about or unaware of a specific subject or fact.

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Glad to be back

No postings since 15th August because I've been away on holiday, a very hot ten days in Turkey

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ITV and Northern Moor

They say the camera never lies. But when it comes to so-called reality television, the lens can certainly distort. There's genuine outrage in Northern Moor, Wythenshawe about a fly-on-the-wall documentary featuring the Duchess of York visiting the area which is due to be broadcast next week. We haven't seen the programme yet, the production company haven't given us that courtesy, but if the pre-publicity issued by ITV is anything to go by residents are right to fear the worst.

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An Inspector Calls

Actually over the last few years we've had so much inspection in local government which you the Council Tax payer have to fund that it would be more accurate to talk about inspectors-in-residence.

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As long as it's Black

Been quiet for a couple of days as I've been walking in Lancashire and Cumbria

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