Not the hardest of our values to explain but the hardest to live, and values are something you have to live. The Council worker can't just put them on as they clock on and take them off when they go home, they've either got them or they haven't, and if they haven't they should be working for someone else.

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Saving the hardest 'til last so today it's people. My battered pocket card has three " people " values on it. Valuing our employees is one. The Council can make whatever decisions it likes, but they mean nothing unless the people who work for us make them happen.

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Not a reference to the upcoming Pride Weekend ( though there is a connection ), nor a homily on one of the seven deadly sins. Pride is perhaps the easiest of the Council's values to understand and explain.

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Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values

I've got a small, folded card in front of me, easily small enough to fit into a pocket. I'd have to guess how old it is, but probably it's at least ten years old. In its time, copies were distributed to all Council staff and poster-size versions were displayed in most if not all Council buildings. On the front page it says " This sets out the vision, mission, objectives and values the Council of the City of Manchester will bring to its roles of representation, community leadership and service delivery ". The contents were important and some of the content still is. Clearly, any organisation that doesn't know where it's going and what the key staging posts are along the way isn't going to get very far at all, other than by accident. If the card was being re-written today much would change, partly because of the progress we have made in the intervening years, partly because of the changed circumstances we now operate in. One thing that wouldn't change, except in the way that they are presented, are the values.

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