One North to Another

At the BBC for 6.15 yesterday morning for the first of a number of media spots highlighting the publication of One North, a strategic transport investment plan for the North. The Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield city-regions have been working on this for around six months. It's multi-modal - rail, road, air, sea, and digital. Freight, often an afterthought, is in there from the beginning. It's aim is to build on HS2 and improve connectivity between the major economic and population centres of the North - cities, ports and airports.

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Ghost Train

Don't go to many book launches, indeed don't get invited to many book launches, but was delighted to trot down to the Anthony Burgess Foundation last night for the launch of the latest book from Crumpsall's biggest publisher, Hic Dragones ( here be dragons? ). They specialise in " dark " tales and the new book, Hauntings, edited by Crumpsall resident Hannah Kate, is a collection of twenty one ghostly tales with contributors from all over the world. The readings at the launch certainly wetted my appetite ( although a glass of wine probably helped too ) and will be top of my reading list when I take a break from the office later this month. Run by Hannah and her partner Rob, great to see another example of culture flourishing in North Manchester, and you can get your own copy of the new publication by logging on to .

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