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A Welcome Return

Off on another junket, this time to Tameside, for the AGMA Executive meeting at the beautifully restored Dukinfield Town Hall which I have no doubt some sad souls will see as a waste of tax payers money. The agenda looks dire but I'm sure we'll have a lovely lunch at the end if I can stay awake that long.

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Where does it all come from

Might have been able to keep up with my e-mails last week but not with the pile of paper covering my desk, a big chunk of which I need to read before tomorrow, most of the rest for meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, so don't be surprised if this is ( even ) shorter than usual. Need to get reading!

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Bright and Early

Writing this at 5am on my Blackberry on the way to a meeting with Kingfisher Airways in Mumbai. Been here since Tuesday promoting Manchester in an economy growing at over 6%, the effect of the global slowdown being to reduce it from around 10% annual growth.

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Town and Country

Ever noticed when reading newspaper articles how often the headline bears little relationship to or completely misrepresents the story below? Had no sympathy until I started blogging when I discovered just how hard it is to think of snappy headings.

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A Wayward Pass ?

It's quite common for days to be knocked off course by events, less common for it to happen before breakfast.

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Ring and Ride

Referring to the bell I ought to have on my bicycle of course, but the bike is left at home today. Instead a pleasant trip into the City Centre on the 88 bus wondering what happened to the chauffeur driven car the Manchester Evening News is featuring today.

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