Wall of Death

After what was described as a Business Breakfast (all talk, no food) it's off to the velodrome to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with British Cycling looking to the future for Manchester as the home of our most successful Olympic sport.

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The Circus is in Town

I've spent a fair chunk of the last three days over at Manchester Central where the Labour Party is holding its annual conference and really can't avoid blogging about in any longer.

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Complex Transformation

The first part of the morning is spent on various aspects of the refurbishment of the Town Hall Extension and Central Library.

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Your City Needs You

Executive Members Group (EMG) is first this morning. The first hour is Councillors only and the major item of discussion is how the Council should respond to the cuts that are now just around the corner.

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An Ordinary Day

At least compared to yesterday! After porridge and honey and a gentle bike ride into the Town Hall, the day starts with the regular meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee.

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Commuting Nightmare

As an ex-Mathematician I'm wholly in favour of getting more young people to pursue the STEM subjects (for an earlier complainer about acronyms that's science, technology, engineering and maths) but I'm not going to apologise for talking about the Art Gallery again.

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Arte et Labore

Our friends and neighbours from Blackburn are in town but this is not another football themed entry.

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Credit Due

Back in January I was very critical of some of our schools who in my view were very slow to re-open during the heavy snows at the turn of the year.

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A LEP in the Dark

For those that worry about these things this is not yet another case of my spelling going AWOL. Today started with a meeting with the CBI about Greater Manchester's proposals for a local enterprise partnership ( LEP ), the core element of what is intended to replace the soon to be abolished regional development agencies.

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