More Misery

This blog is hardly the place to turn to for a good laugh but then nor would the average agenda for the Health and Well-being Board.

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Clean and Green

Although this is being written on Wednesday it won't be posted until Thursday so all references to today will actually be about yesterday.

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A Little Piece of History

But one that's not likely to be much remembered unless something comes out of it.

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What the World Thinks

(Tuesday) Spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon at a presentation by Simon Anholt on his National Brand Index and more specifically his Cities Brand Index (in which Manchester figures) and spent a chunk of the evening questioning him on it. The Cities Brand Index takes fifty cities around the world, some somewhat randomly selected - this does not purport to be a comparison of the world's top fifty cities - and asks a large number of people in different parts of the world what they think about them. It is, according to Simon, one of the five biggest public opinion surveys in the world, it is a survey of ordinary people, it might not be objective but it does give lots of food for thought.

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