Manchester City Council

National regeneration from a local perspective

In London today to speak alongside well-known environmentalist Jonathan Porritt at the Sustainable Communities Summit on the challenges of national regeneration from a local perspective.

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Manchester's Executive

Today is the regular meeting of the Council's key decision-making committee.

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Our schools our future

Half-term starts today for most Manchester's secondary schools as they approach the biggest transformation in their history. More than 30 high schools are being rebuilt or refurbished thanks to the government's Building Schools for the Future and Academie

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Keeping us on the move

I travel to and from the Town Hall on my bicycle as often as possible but some days I need to use my car and so know from first hand experience how frustrating it is for people stuck in traffic jams.

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Health and happiness

We are looking at a number of innovative projects in Manchester to help and encourage people to be more resilient to the often challenging circumstances in which they live.

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A new market for Gorton

Today sees the start of an exciting project for Gorton - the former Co-op building is being converted into a new Market Hall as part of a new shopping centre for this part of the city.

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Innovation and investment

There's full council today in the Town Hall - 96 councillors engaging in hours of debate.

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In the office

Today is a typical day spent completely in the Town Hall with a series of back-to-back meetings about community issues, building relationships with other partner organisations and authorities.

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Keeping in touch

We're starting a thorough review of all the City Council's communications - how we talk to and even more importantly listen to everyone who lives, works, studies and invests in the city.

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To celebrate food, drink and art

Every so often I get a day where all the good things happen at once. I'm celebrating excellence in property tonight, but I'm also attending the preview for our Art Treasures Exhibition and the 10th anniversary launch of the city's Food and Drink Festival.

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