Equality and Culture

Yesterday's diary went regeneration, equality, culture, waste, culture, higher education, culture interspersed on a regular basis with housing and inevitably the Transport Innovation Fund.

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Onward Ever Onward

Today is Executive Committee where items for consideration include redevelopment prospects for various parts of the City Centre including the complete replacement of the awful Ramada block on Deansgate. As I've said before, it's even more important in the current economic climate to maintain momentum, and the Ramada proposal is also a reminder of just how long it can take to bring major projects to fruition as the redevelopment of this corner of the City Centre is one of the outstanding parts of the 1996 post-bomb masterplan.

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A Broken Promise

Last week I promised to return to accounts of boring meetings but I'm going to have to renege on that, as so far this week everything has been pretty interesting. Well I think so.

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Building and Beer

Next week I'm going to return to those accounts of the seemingly endless and tedious sounding meetings I spend lots of time attending but today I have one of my more interesting regular meetings plus a very much lighter event (apart from the impact on my waistline).

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What Planet?

Yesterday was our 8-weekly meeting of the full Council. Any observer with the misfortune to be sitting in would have spent a couple of hours blissfully unaware of the global economic crisis or would have assumed that Manchester was somehow immune from it as we meandered through a number of remarkably parochial debates. Fortunately away from the excitement of the Council Chamber the Council isn't ignoring the gathering economic gloom and on Tuesday we had a regular meeting of our version of an economic emergency committee, and yesterday another group met focussing particularly on the housing market's woes.

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Home is Manchester

The high spot of today will be the homecoming for the Manchester and North West linked athletes who took part in the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games earlier this year. Come along to Albert Square at 6pm tonight and there will be an opportunity to see around 40 of the athletes who took part in the games with such phenomenal success.

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Blue Heaven

Party conference season over, Manchester City over the blue moon, nights drawing in, and even a few complaints about its absence so time to return to the blog. Of course the big event of the autumn isn't going to be football but the chance for citizens all over Greater Manchester to vote on whether or not we should proceed with our proposals to invest £3,000 million in public transport partially funded by a limited congestion charge or not. A stark choice but one you can only play a part in if you are registered to vote on the new electoral register, so if you haven't registered yet, do it now.

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