Power. What power?

Had to make do with BBC’s disappointingly brief highlights of last night's City game - hope they improve when BBC Sport move to the Quays next year. Couldn't go to the match as I had a meeting in the ward last night and I think I know where my priorities lie.

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Village Life

A quiet Advice Bureau last night. Nowadays more case work comes by phone or e-mail than in person but it's still unusual not to have a queue at Crumpsall Methodist on a Monday night.

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One day later

Slightly worried that our new style controller will be down on me like a tonne of bricks after yesterday's entry but hasn't happened yet. A very full Executive Committee Agenda yesterday. As usual I’m not proposing to go through every item but will spend a bit more time on it than I normally do. There were a lot of important decisions taken yesterday. Some were easy decisions to make.

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Black or White

A very busy week so far and not had a lot of time so, probably upsetting further bcprs who already thinks this is becoming a bit cryptic, I'm going to do yesterday's entry today and today's entry tomorrow.

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Oh Mr Porter

On the 08.38 train to Crewe heading for the Municipal Buildings and a meeting of the North West Joint Economic Commission (JEC). I've never been to Crewe before and so I'm surprised to find that the station and the town are not in the same place.

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Births, Deaths, and Marriages …

… and citizen ceremonies, and civil partnership ceremonies, but more of that later. First up today is half an hour with the Deputy Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executive Regeneration, looking at proposed pilots as part of the developing City Region arrangements.

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Greens and Gangs

The heading today is an appalling example of that desperate need to alliterate but probably an improvement on my alternative for today, Danish Invasion 2.

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Shelter from the Storm

As the Conservative Party careers on around us, Manchester City Council members, including our one Conservative, are cocooned in the Council Chamber for our eight weekly Council meeting.

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In your face

It would be impossible to ignore the rather large jamboree taking place at Manchester Central this week so I'm not going to try. Whatever one thinks of the politics, having the Conservative conference here this week is good publicity for Manchester and generates a major contribution to parts of our economy including some parts hit by the recession.

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Not really there

Spent a couple of days earlier in the week in Brighton, but not at the Labour Party Conference. The principle purpose in being there was to promote and to lobby for Manchester. Took part in six fringe meetings, two on high speed rail, one on transport more generally, one on the importance of cities, one on ‘is public service reform dead in a tight financial climate’, and the most exciting of all ‘Generating investment for a sustainable economy’.

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