Future Scientists

Last Friday of the month means a day of Greater Manchester meetings. Meetings rotate around the ten districts and today is at Salford Civic Centre in Swinton. I start at 9am with Labour Leaders, the main purpose of which and an important one being that we don't all fall out with each other. This is followed by four public and live-streamed meetings, the first being the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board, followed in turn by the Combined Authority, the joint AGMA Executive/CA ( an oddity that will disappear next year - both bodies have exactly the same membership ), and then the CA's Resources Committee.

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Raising the Standard

The Council's Executive met on Wednesday and as always the meeting is available to view from the Council's web site, as are the reports that were considered, though be warned, it's a lot of pages. Most of those pages were to do with the Council's 2017-20 budget.

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Jewels in the Crown - Stayin' Alive

On a train, again. From Newcastle, again, where I was giving the annual Rutherford lecture at Northumbria University talking about devolution and the Northern Powerhouse. However I want to use this post to talk about a couple of jewels in Manchester's very large and heavily bejewelled crown.

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No Decisions until February

The next stage of our budget setting process gets underway this week with every Scrutiny Committee receiving a report on the first stage of a three stage budget consultation and on the process that will get us to final decisions on the budget in March next year.

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Fairness and Equality

I'm planning to return to one of the elements of my last blog at some point but have a few other things I want to cover first. Full Council met on Wednesday. It is of course available to watch on-line but there are a few things from the meeting I wanted to mention.

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Sketches from a Train

On the 15.08 from Newcastle to Liverpool ( though I'm planning to get off at Victoria ) returning from a meeting of the North Area Arts Council of which I am a member and which has inspired me to share some musings on Manchester, arts and design. Last week was a particularly interesting one from the culture point of view.

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