The Big Picture

In London today for the second meeting between AGMA's Chair and Vice Chairs and Government Ministers about the Manchester city-region pilot. Don't make the pre-meeting as the train is getting on for an hour late because of problems with overhead power lines near Hemel Hempstead.

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Wasn't planning to do anything on the blog today but was moved to do so by an event I attended yesterday teatime. It was a presentation ceremony for Learning Works Wonders ‘graduates’.

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All Over the Place

The Real Lives event in Wythenshawe on Monday (covered in today's MEN) was tremendous, with, as intended, real people showing why the real Wythenshawe, not the one so often (mis)represented in the media, does have real cause to celebrate. It was a great honour for me to present the badges to the latest batch of Real Lives Wythenshawe Ambassadors. After that the rest of the week, though very busy, has been a bit more mundane.

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Don't Lose Faith in Manchester

Not my heading for a change, but one I have borrowed from one of the events I have attended today. Four things from today's diary I want to mention. First off Islam Awareness Week, launched today here at the Town Hall.

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In the Office

Nowadays it's easy, perhaps too easy, to take the office with me wherever I am . If I go away on holiday I don't take even a mobile phone with me anymore.

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Rags to Riches

Tremendous turn out for Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph. Was dry and mild which I'm sure helped but can't recall seeing so many people turning out. I had to get home smartish to pack a bag, get to the airport and set of for Abu Dhabi, arriving early breakfast time yesterday.

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Compare and Contrast

It's a long time since Wednesday evening when I had an enjoyable hour at Lower Crumpsall Tenants and Residents Association. They have a small but dedicated group of active members, really committed to improving their neighbourhood. They have a good working relationship with Northwards Housing, other Council departments and the police, calling for support from their Councillors when necessary. They are already making a difference through the greening of the area and are a welcome reminder of what local politics is all about.

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Crisis! What crisis?

Spent Monday afternoon and most of yesterday in Liverpool at the Core Cities Summit ( Monday afternoon was a seminar involving city leaders and senior figures from partner organisations debating what we should be seeking from government of whatever party after next year's general election and what we should be asking the political parties to commit themselves to prior.

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