Two longish board meetings today. In the morning it's CityCo, the City Centre Management Company.

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Being Looked After

The blog seems to be developing a pattern of repeated themes as I'm going to continue briefly on the Children's Services/ Looked After Children story.

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Persistence Pays Off

The first meeting of the Greater Manchester Shadow Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board takes place this morning.

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Compare and Contrast

Two days demonstrating the range and extent of a normal day. Yesterday morning I made the short (because it wasn't at rush hour) trip to Warrington for the first meeting of the Regional Transition Board, at which I represent local authorities from across the North West.

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Time Warp

The less said about yesterday morning the better. Was on the 7.15 train to London for a meeting of something called the LG ( short for Local government Association ) Group Executive.

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Pragmatic not Perfect

Not often I talk about Hulme but this the second entry on the trot where it takes pride of place.

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The Power of the Ballot Box

Perhaps overshadowed a little by events the same day relating to an earlier election up the road in Oldham, but there was a Manchester City Council by-election last week in Hulme.

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In the Balance

Early start today as lots to read before my first meeting which isn't until 9am. The pile includes the government's proposed new Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity. It's not a particularly draconian document and readers can sleep soundly knowing this blog is safe from the hand of government censorship, but I'm not sure quite how it fits with the notion of localism.

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