Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

After another fantastic season (despite all our economic worries), the Christmas markets are gone and cleansing staff are busy hosing down Albert Square and the other market sites ready for the quiet of Christmas and the boisterousness of the New Year.

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No not the Daphne du Maurier novel but a street in Crumpsall. Meet this morning with my colleague Councillors, officers from Private Sector Housing and Highways, and Groundwork to discuss an environmental improvement scheme for Rebecca Street and Balfour Street, part of the Crumpsall Green Neighbourhood Renewal Area.

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White Van Man-v- The Future

The polls are now closed for the great Transport Innovation Fund referendum but not yet counted

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On the rails

A later start today, at least as far as formal meetings go, with a trip to Salford Quays for a Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company Board meeting. Still lots of activity taking place across the URC area and just as with East Manchester it is vitally important to maintain momentum through the downturn.

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The Economy Stupid

Probably make a good pub quiz question as to who coined the campaign slogan " The economy, Stupid " although if it was being done now it might be the other way round - the stupid economy.

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Christmas in Albert Square Towers

Still recovering from a very early start yesterday, the 6.02 a.m. train to London, first for a Centre for Cities Board meeting, where not surprisingly the main topic of discussion was the impact of the economic downturn on our cities and what the prospects there are for the short and long term future.

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