Merry Christmas!

Probably the last entry before Christmas . I'm in the office tomorrow, mainly to meet Tony Lloyd MP and Graham Stringer MP to discuss what we can do about Manchester's dreadful, and according to the Manchester Evening News, totally unfair financial settlement.

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A Dry Day

It's not of course - got quite wet this morning biking in and the first of the expected next wave of snow is fluttering down outside the office window. After the excitement generated by my last post this is a return to one of those very worthy but not very riveting days which are fairly typical of my working week.

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Good Morning / S*** Afternoon

The day starts brightly enough. I chat with Alan Beswick about yet another attempt from central government to foist unwanted directly elected mayors on us and then I visit King David's High School in Crumpsall to talk to sixth formers and have a look at the new building, one of many built through the Building Schools for the Future programme.

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All at Sea

Given that regions have been abolished by the Coalition Government, the North West appears to be taking up an awful lot of my time. This morning is my by now regular trip to St Helens for a meeting of the Regional Leaders Board.

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Calling on Collyhurst

The Council has been working with tenants in Collyhurst for around six years now on a scheme for major regeneration of the housing estates scattered along both sides of Rochdale Road. The scheme was to have been funded through PFI and after all those years of work it was a bitter blow when, a couple of weeks ago, the government kicked the proposals in to touch. However the Council has no intention of kicking Collyhurst in to touch and is now looking urgently for alternative ways to fund essential improvements to existing homes and at the same time starting the incremental remodelling of the estates.

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Making It Happen

I can remember when, for a period of time, the City Council had this somewhat vacuous phrase as its strapline, selected I believe (not by me!) precisely because of its lack of content.

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