The School " Run "

Will be taking a short break from tomorrow teatime so this will probably be the last blog of 2015. Tomorrow, Executive Members will be meeting to work on the Council's 2016/7 budget now that we have our provisional grant settlement issued last week. Our aim is to publish a one year draft budget in the middle of January which will give four weeks of consultation before the Executive agrees on its budget recommendations to the Council.

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Healthy and not quite so healthy Manchester

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The Blank Mind

I said I would say a bit more about last week's Wigan Deal training session. The Wigan Deal is an approach Wigan Council have been developing over the last couple of years, recognising that if they are to survive the cuts, they need a very different approach, in this case to Adult Care service delivery. So far, not only are they managing the cuts, they are also getting increased staff and service satisfaction through an Asset Based Approach.

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Looking forward to a half day doing the Wigan Deal training this morning which I might report on next week. In the meantime I thought I would mention a couple of other noteworthy items from the last couple of days.

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Big Changes

Spent most of today in budget meetings. Although the comprehensive spending review has now been published we are still no clearer about what our budget position will be for the next financial year but Executive Members are spending a lot of time getting under the skin of the budgets we are individually and collectively responsible for so that we are ready to act early in the New Year, assuming we have a provisional settlement by then.

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North Declares U.D.I

Not really, sadly, but the North is making great progress in ensuring that more decisions about the North are made in the North both through devolution deals and the work on the Northern Powerhouse. Yesterday I was speaking at an Insider conference in Bury where over a hundred senior business representaives came together to discuss what we need to do to create a northern powerhouse with, not surprisingly, a big emphasis on transport.

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