Although I don't finish for Christmas until Thursday this is likely to be the last blog of the year so I do want to wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Having said that, it will be a very sombre post as we reflect on yesterday's tragic events in Berlin. Our first reaction is always our sympathy for the victims, and for the families and friends of the deceased. We see ourselves in their city and our hearts go out to the whole of the city of Berlin. And we think about who is responsible for this indiscriminate slaughter and why?

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Yesterday Government published the provisional 2017/8 financial settlement for local government.

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Being Accountable

This month sees a new Our Manchester initiative to increase transparency and demonstrate accountability of members of the Council's Executive Committee. Twice a year each Executive Member will submit a report to the most appropriate Scrutiny Committee of their activities over the previous six months and be questioned on it, as always in public and free-to-view online. I gave my first report to Economy Scrutiny this morning and it is reproduced below.

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The State We're In

Full Council on Wednesday which began with two presentations, both available to see on catch-up on the Council web-site.

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