Good and not so good news for East Manchester

It's the last meeting this year of our top-level committee, the Executive, and we consider 20 items of business. First up, there's good news like the regeneration framework for East Manchester.

Since the Commonwealth Games in 2002, the area has gone from strength to strength and we now want to accelerate progress. We are still waiting to hear about the Government review into the regeneration and supercasino plans, and we'll continue to press for the 3,000 jobs for local people. More good news supporting the development of the new Manchester Children's Hospital - we need to complete some legal actions to officially move the hospital school from Booth Hall to the new Oxford Road site. This should help towards a regional centre of excellence to help youngsters, and their worried mums, dads and families.  We examine the budgets to improve highways developments, to introduce a BMX facility in Platt Fields and renew the paving and steps outside Wythenshawe Forum. None of this is going to grab the headlines but it all helps to improve the lives of local people.

But the meeting is not all about good news. We have to consider a situation at Eccleshall Street in Clayton which is quite frankly a shambles. We've been wanting to regenerate this area for years, and back in 2006 we approved plans to compulsory purchase the land and help residents to a better life. But we've just found out that new guidance from the health and Safety executive throws a spanner in the works. We can't build any of the houses that we want to build on this site. This is hugely disappointing for all the residents and although I've apologised on behalf of the Council to the residents affected, apologies aren't enough and we're doing everything we can to sort this out. The 86 households still there need a fit and proper place to live and we've started household by household talks with everyone involved to get action underway as soon as possible. It's so disappointing when external agencies step in the way of exciting plans like this and all of the local councillors feel gutted. We resolve to look at all the regeneration priorities for Clayton, and we'll consider this at our meeting next month on January 16 so watch this space.

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