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Today I'm in on a "guided tour" of some fascinating things happening in Manchester in the world of film and TV and learning that we have our own, albeit smaller, versions of Dreamworks etc right here in the heart of the city.

First stop is Red Vision, a company specialising in CGI [computer generated imagery] based here. I was surprised how many well known productions which I thought were all shot on location around the world had major chunks produced on computer screens in downtown Manchester and in the near future there will be some amazing made-in-Manchester images on out TV screens - sorry but not giving anything away.

Then on to a secret location in North Manchester to look at a potential site for a digital media hub that could have global significance. Finally to a former warehouse in Wythenshawe now the location for shooting Shameless, not every Manc's ideal representation of the city I know, but a good example of how a redundant industrial shed could be easily converted into a TV studio. For me it was a timely reminder that alongside high profile developments such as the very welcome Media City at Salford Quays we need a wide range of other facilities if we are to be a major media centre.

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