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Working in Partnership

First, a meeting about our proposals to transform all of Manchester's secondary schools through Building Schools for the Future and the Academies programme, two separate government initiatives joined together seamlessly here in Manchester. We are working with a range of major partners representing key growth areas in the regional to bring the real world of work into the classroom, to make sure our young people know what opportunities will be available to them, and that they know the skill levels they will need to reach to take those opportunities.

Then more meetings with our communications people to discuss how we move forward to improve the systems through which we and other public sector service providers in the city listen and send messages to all our residents, staff and businesses.

Councils have to work together more and more on a wide range of issues, one being housing. I currently chair the North West Regional Housing Group on behalf of the local authorities in the region, and this afternoon I had a meeting with representatives of central government, the Housing Corporation, English Partnerships, the North West Development Agency, the North West Regional Assembly to discuss the next 3 years regional housing allocations and to try and resolve differences of view between the local authorities and the Housing Minister.

Finally a meeting with one of our MPs to catch up and ensure that we pull together in the most effective way possible for the benefit of Manchester.

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