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The Power of People

After a rare weekend night away, spending Saturday and Sunday walking in the Yorkshire Dales, today is an interesting and unusual mix. I have lunch with the Leaders of Salford and Trafford Councils to discuss interests of common concern. If Greater Manchester is the driver of the North West economy then it is Manchester City Centre and adjacent parts of Salford and Trafford that is the driver of the Greater Manchester economy.

Despite our very real political differences it is incumbent on us to work together as best we can for the common good. Besides that, there are a number of important joint programmes like the proposed Irwell River Park that we have to find ways of taking forward. Later the Chief Executive and I meet with one of our housing developer partners, one that has played a crucial role in breathing new life into areas of Manchester, and one we need to help us with further improvements to the face of the city. 

At tea time I'm off to what was my new favourite building in the city (now its the Civil Justice Centre), Urbis, which at five-years-old still looks cutting-edge, has helped significantly to extend the city centre northwards, and is now one of our most popular visitor attractions. Tonight design guru Peter Saville and I are hosting a meeting of friends of Tony Wilson and other prominent figures from 'cultural' Manchester to discuss how the city can celebrate his life in a way that brings lasting benefits for young Mancunians. As was everything with Tony, it is, to say the least, a lively two hours with a range of different views; he had an invigorating effect on people and it's right we do something to capture and drive forward using his energy.

Finally, I have a civic dinner (a lot of eating today) for the Honorary Recorder, Judge David Maddison, who after a period of distinguished service in the city is leaving us for the High Court. A pleasant way to end the day and the sort of event the Town Hall does really well.

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