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Being Well, Being Happy

An 8.00 am start chairing a meeting of The Manchester Partnership Board, which includes colleagues from other sectors such as transport, health, faith groups, the Learning and Skills Council, The Police Authority and Manchester Council for Community Relations, and aims to get the whole of the public sector and our partners in the voluntary, community and private sectors to work together to ensure our communities aspire to and achieve improvements in their lives.

The Partnership has two priorities for the year, the first, increasing the average wage of Manchester residents, the second, working to increase our citizens resilience and well being, part of meeting our objective for a happier Manchester.

There's already been quite a bit of media coverage about work going on in our schools encouraging youngsters to be 'emotionally resilient'. Now we are looking at a guaranteed apprentice project for school leavers, and a programme for older people who might be at risk of depression when they retire, or suffer bereavement.

There are practical things that can be done in these difficult situations, and if they help people feel better about themselves and their world, then surely it is our responsibility as community leaders, to encourage more people along these pathways? So we are looking very closely at this area to all work together.

I am of course a local councillor as well as being Leader of the Council and the afternoon is spent in the hut (the parks people call it the visitor centre) in Crumpsall Park at our Ward Service Co-ordination Group meeting working through the action plan we have to make Crumpsall and Blackley Village a better place to live and work. The group meets once a quarter and for a local councillor this is a cannot-miss meeting.

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