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Going to the Other Side

In more parochial cities, my itinerary today would provoke jokes about going to "the other side" but regular readers will know that here in the Manchester city-region, we don't let little things like local authority boundaries get in the way of working together for everyone's benefit.

Even so this afternoon is a bit of a milestone as I have my first taste of being a new board member of Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company. I meet up with the Chair, Chief Executive and senior staff for a briefing and then tour the area. Crumpsall, the ward I represent, shares a boundary and a district shopping centre with the Central Salford URC area which demonstrates how much the future of our two cities are inextricably inter-twined.

What's good for Manchester is good for Salford, and what's good for Salford is good for Manchester.

The impending BBC move to the Quays (actually now known as Manchester's waterfront, don't you know?) will have a huge impact on the growth of creative industries in the conurbation and although I had hoped that the move would have been to the city centre, it is unquestionably a far better thing to ensure the BBC comes to Salford successfully than for it all to stay in London.

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