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Yet another deliberate mistake in the last posting, but no prizes for guessing it! Manchester has a high profile in the media - not just newspapers but radio and television and increasingly nowadays on the web. I'm a fan of digital communication and although I always read a couple of daily papers, I increasingly get my up-to-the minute news from websites.

I'm watching with interest the ongoing development of the Manchester Confidential website which carries not only news-with-views (sometimes quite amusing and sometimes trying and failing to be amusing) but also, amongst other listings, excellent reviews of the city's restaurants - a particular interest of the site's publisher.

My morning is spent in Stockport at the monthly AGMA Executive meeting which is considering next year's budget and I am delighted to propose support for a policing budget for next year that will give us over 100 extra officers in neighbourhood policing.

Then as a welcome break from the daily grind I meet with afore-mentioned publisher Mark Garner and friends for a colourfully, some may say predictably titled, Poet's Lunch - obviously at a confidential venue and with confidential conversation. This sees the end of my working week!

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