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Getting Rid of Rubbish

Rubbish is a big issue for us. We need to minimise the amount we create, we need to recycle as much as possible and we need to minimise the amount we are sending to landfill and we want to do all of this at the minimum cost to the Council Tax payer and more importantly at minimum cost to the planet.

So, we are working with the 9 local authorities that make up Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority to conclude a new waste disposal contract that will use the very latest technologies including anaerobic digestors, mechanical sorters and refuse derived fuels to make sure dumping our rubbish is both as green as possible and as efficient. This morning is a presentation on where the negotiations are up to for a contract that should start in April. Of course this isn't just down to local Councils. Everyone can play their part...if people would reduce, re-use and recycling, it would all get so much better.

Then meetings with a range of colleagues on issues including Post Offices and the regeneration of East Manchester. More on both of these soon . . .

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