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Inspiring and Selfless

Youngsters today get criticised on many fronts, and sometimes deservedly so. As a city, we don't tolerate anti-social behaviour and lack of respect and because we have been prepared to take tough action we are now beginning to see real improvements in overall behaviour in Manchester. Even then we mustn't forget that it's only a small minority of troublemakers responsible for the anti-social behaviour and nuisance that blights too many areas and actually many more of our young people are living helpful, enthusiastic lifestyles that are a credit to their families and carers.

They rarely hit the headlines of course. So today I'm privileged to meet some of those wonderful youngsters, who are studying at Loreto College in Hulme, and to enjoy hearing about their selfless, caring contributions to our communities. Sometimes, these laudable youngsters raise money for charity or campaign for worthwhile causes, they care for relatives or vulnerable people close to them or some of them face their own challenges and still find strength and enthusiasm to give that little bit extra back to others.

Loreto has worked with the registered charity The Diana Awards to recognise the special powers of some of their pupils and it's humbling to present five outstanding young people with their awards and to talk to them about their achievements. It certainly keeps my feet on the ground to hear some of the stories. Before leaving Loreto a quick look at how they have incorporated the beautiful listed Chapel into their art department - what better to inspire creativity.
Then it's back to the office to meet another special young person -an environmental student from Leeds who wants to quiz me for her research.  I try to help students where I can and this requests fits in with my knowledge. Sometimes of course the requests require specific technical details or information beyond the council's remit but we do try to help where we can. This is a good way to end a Friday.

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