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Barnardo's for breakfast

I'm the keynote speaker this morning at a business and professional networking breakfast in Manchester for Barnardo's, one of Britain's best known charities. Their mythical reputation is that they run homes for orphans but actually they stopped that 30 years ago - nowadays they strive to give a brighter future to the most disadvantaged of youngsters including, in partnership with the city council, many in Manchester. Put simply, they want children to belong, and they do all sorts of work with families including fostering, adoption and coping with domestic violence or disability.... read more

There are around 80 people here from all walks of business and professional life, and I hope they've enjoyed the event. My theme though is Manchester, our strategy for the city, where we want to get to by 2015, and how we are going to get there. This covers continued economic growth, ensuring existing residents benefit from the growth, making every neighbourhood in Manchester a neighbourhood of choice, and having a population that have pride in themselves and respect for each other.

Then it's back to my local ward in Crumpsall for a cup of tea with the residents of George Halstead Court, a chance for them to air the issues of concern to them.

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