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How Do You Recycle?

Today I'm at Longley Lane waste disposal facility in Northenden to launch a major public consultation on what we need to do to improve recycling across the city. It's good for the planet but also help keeps Council Tax down, because the less rubbish goes to landfill; the less we have to pay in landfill taxes.

Around 90% of Mancunians have told us they're keen to recycle, and the city's recycling rate has gone from a miserable 3% to over 20% in the last few years.

For example, over the last few years, more than 6,000 Mancunians have bought home composting units from the council, there has been a 40% increase in the number of Yellow Pages and thirty times as many Christmas trees being recycled.

But more could be done to make it easier for people in the city to recycle; now we want to hear your views on how this could be done.

A freephone number has been launched to get residents' views on 0800 995 1911. Anyone who calls the number with their thoughts will be put into a draw and stands a chance of winning £500. Or you can follow the link to our online form.

After the consultation there will be action and we have made provision in the Council's budget so that we can make the inevitable investment that will be needed to boost recycling.

After this, I start a series of phone calls about the future of the East Manchester casino - read more in tomorrow's blog.

There is one response to “How Do You Recycle?”

  1. barry Says:

    What would be really great is that after visiting the recycle pages on the council's website, yiu could actually find a page that tells you what you can actually recycle in the numberous waste bins I have to store around my home. See site for some ideas!!!!



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