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Tonight Manchester launches an important strategic alliance - one that is vital to the future of the city, builds on our existing strengths and shows the value of true partnership working.

The City South Partnership (formerly the Oxford Road partnership) covers 600 acres of central Manchester, stretching in all directions from the core artery of Oxford Road, from Peter's Square in the north and to Whitworth Park in the south, and across from  Cambridge Street to Upper Brook Street.

As well as the council, the Partnership includes the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the MRI, and the Central Manchester Hospital Trust and it is supported by our regional development agency.

All these knowledge-based organisations are already making their own improvements and extensions, driving Manchester forward as a world-class city and bringing jobs and investment for our communities. But rather than just acting as individual entities, it is so much more powerful for these neighbours to act in unison, and marshal all their improvements together. I know this is a story I've told before but the fact is that working together for Manchester will always achieve more than everybody doing their own thing.

The figures are almost too big to comprehend  - £1.5 billion of physical infrastructure and 34,000 jobs. That's a lot in anyone's book.

And of course it is not just about the academics and medics...there are the adjacent local communities in Hulme, Ardwick, Moss Side and Rusholme, the workers at all the businesses and organisations along Oxford Road, and all the people who enjoy what is the biggest concentration of cultural facilities in the city.

The Partnership's first major task will be to undertake an extensive consultation exercise on the proposed development plans with all stakeholders. This will involve people who live and work in and around the area, university staff and students, hospital staff and patients, the wider business community, the arts and cultural community, retailers and the people who every day have to pass through the area.

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  1. Diane Says:

    Do you know when the well-publicised website ( will be working?

  2. Roz Hughes Says:


    The website is working and has been since the launch. You just click on the home page and it takes you into the site.

    You can download the framework document and the summary.

    We will be developing the site and hope to add more information and functions in the near future.

  3. John Says:

    Just tried to log on to the website without success 21/04

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I have been trying to access the website for the past few days and I just keep getting the message that this page cannot be displayed.



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