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Our workforce, your services

Firstly, a breakfast seminar at Cushman and Wakefield to explore global economic trends and the property market in the UK, and Manchester in particular. Then a meeting at Urbis to discuss future strategy - exhibitions, events, income raising and everything else - with its Chief Executive Vaughan Allen. In the afternoon I attend a ceremony to present awards recognising excellence among staff in the City Council Chief Executive's department. These are workers who have been nominated by colleagues for doing exactly what it says on the tin - achieving excellence in the way they deliver services that improve lives for everyone in the city. It's not just for frontline staff: one of the recipients helps us keep our computers going, a back-office function is vital in a large organisation. Others are working directly in the community, liaising with residents on a range of issues tackling everything including improving health and unemployment. I am confident that year on year our employees can look at what they've done and see the difference they have made to the quality of life for Manchester's citizens, and these awards are important in recognising that.

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