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Great news today with an announcement by Heath Secretary Alan Johnson that we are to get a National Biomedical Research Centre in Manchester - this will drive the development, testing and uptake of new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat ill-health.

It's not just about helping vital medical research, but it will attract more top scientists to the city and support jobs in the local community.

We have a history of poor health in this city and we know we face many challenges. Now, thanks to this funding, research carried out here will mean that local people can benefit from those initiatives.

And it's good news too for the City South partnership, recognising the international research excellence of the partnership between the Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Manchester. To get technical, the new Biomedical Research Centre will focus on "translational research" that will take advances in basic medical research out of the laboratory and into the hospital clinic. This means that patients will benefit more quickly from new scientific breakthroughs.
It also means Manchester will also help to ensure that the UK retains its position at the top of the international league table for Biomedical Research.

The Manchester Biomedical Research Centre will join other centres in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool and Newcastle. These are among the most outstanding centres of medical research in the world. The Manchester Biomedical Research Centre will undertake research, over the next four years, on major killers such as heart disease, as well as on other crucial areas such as inflammatory bowel disease, learning and developmental disabilities, and complications of pregnancy.

Further information about NIHR Biomedical Research Centres is available at

This news is long overdue, and it's a great way to look forward to the forthcoming long weekend. Enjoy your Bank Holidays, Happy Easter!

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