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Reducing, Recycling and Running

I'm delighted to learn today that 89 per cent of Manchester residents are keen to do their bit for the environment and recycle more of their household rubbish.

This is one of many things we've found out in an extensive recycling survey carried out across the city in which more than 20,000 residents have taken part. Manchester City Council's waste and recycling team has been asking residents what would help them to recycle more, and what other materials they'd like to recycle in the future.

The full results are going to be used to help decide how the waste and recycling services are developed to meet the needs of residents and communities in Manchester.

So now we know how committed people are to the principle to recycling, then we know we need to make it even easier to put recycling into practice. We want recycling to become an everyday habit.

Today I am also recycling a statement we put out Friday night when some media wrongly accused us of cancelling a victory parade for Manchester United when and if they win the Champion's League Final on Wednesday night. I've told reporters that Manchester City Council has made no decision on a parade.

The City Council has met with the police and made it quite clear this is a decision for Manchester United and Greater Manchester Police.

If Manchester United wants a parade, then we are quite happy to do our bit. We will have to close roads, put up some barriers and clean up afterwards. There is some cost involved but there are plenty of wide roads for a parade and it's not a major problem for us. We will do whatever we need to do.

An inaccurate statement was issued on Friday night by other organisations talking about a decision not to have a parade. Manchester City Council did not approve that statement and it was issued without our knowledge. We have received an apology for that.

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me during my inaugural appearance in the Great Manchester Run. I was aiming to beat 50 minutes, the number I was running in, and I'm delighted to have finished in 43 minutes 46 seconds. I'll be collecting in the sponsorship this week so please get ready to pay out.

I just missed by a whisker coming in the top 1,000.... I finished in 1,040th position. So maybe that's something to aim for next year. I'll think about it once I've stopped aching!

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