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Congratulations to MUFC

On behalf of Manchester City Council, congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United Football Club on winning the UEFA Champions League. Well done, we are proud of you.

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  1. Kristen Says:

    Its mad that the council arent doing anthing for MUFC...This is the biggest tourist tool for Manchester, yet the council arent prepared to celebrate that!

  2. marie Says:

    i think that it is outragaous that no one is prepard to do anything for our hometeam and yet we will pullout all the stops for other teams. MUFC have done everyone proud and i think that the team and the fans should all be able to celebrate together all that will end up happening is an unorginised parade which would really raise public saftey. Nobody cares if it is a working or shopping day because eveyone wants to see there team come home in style. there was no problems in 99 and even if more people was to turn up this time it would only be the same now as it was then.

  3. SL Says:

    What's happening with the parade?

    In commenting Assistant Chief Constable Dave Thompson, from Greater Manchester Police (GMP):

    "Manchester United is the biggest football club in the world and we believe any event would attract more people than in 1999," he said.

    "We have agreed to work towards an event in the summer where those celebrations could take place in safety."

    How can there be more people than 1999 if it's done in the middle of summer? It will take out the whole point of a victory homecoming parade. July/August is already the next season!! Horrendous to even think to do it later.

    Oh yes the safety concerns, Man Utd fans will riot against the Police and thrash their own town because they won the Champions League... (please note the sarcasm)

  4. mark Says:

    If you can't show support for your home teams then you should stand down and let someone who is willing to show support do the job.

  5. Sir Richard Leese Says:

    A statement was issued last week which wrongly accused us of cancelling a victory parade for Manchester United when and if they won the Champion's League Final. I've told reporters that Manchester City Council has made no decision on a parade.

    The City Council has met with the police and made it quite clear this is a decision for Manchester United and Greater Manchester Police.

    If Manchester United wants a parade, then we are quite happy to do our bit. We will have to close roads, put up some barriers and clean up afterwards. There is some cost involved but there are plenty of wide roads for a parade and it's not a major problem for us. We will do whatever we need to do.

    An inaccurate statement was issued on Friday night by other organisations talking about a decision not to have a parade. Manchester City Council did not approve that statement and it was issued without our knowledge. We have received an apology for that.

  6. SL Says:

    Is it possible to conclude that everyone wants the parade but no one wants to take the responsibility?

    I don't know why Rangers were allowed with big screens, etc, in the first place. It's not rocket science that things could go wrong should they lose. Why wasn't anyone thinking of prevention then? Everyone knows what happened during the World Cup 06. I don't see what was different during the UEFA Cup.

    I believe this is all just because it happened a week ago, and no one is prepared to take responsibility.

  7. Liam Billington Says:

    Nothing to do with you being a blue is it Mr. Leese?

  8. Sir Richard leese Says:

    Sorry Liam, you're just being silly now.

  9. Marc Says:

    Up to two hundred thousand in the city centre for the UEFA CUP FINAL and possibly up to half a million for a United parade. How many people do you think our city centre can "safely cope" with then(for such events) Sir Richard?

    And after the UEFA CUP FINAL - I heard you say that people don't want to be out at such places as Heaton Park for such events, but rather in/near the city centre. So why not create a large "open air" events area on the edge of the city centre somewhere - so Manchester can "safely" put on such "large scale" events? Is that still possible for our city Sir Richard?



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