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Innovation and Improvements

In London today to take part in a conference on something vital to Manchester's future - innovation. If we are going to grow our economy, then it has to be around innovation. The days of traditional heavy industry, of manufacturing industry are never again going to provide the number of jobs we need to create and sustain. We have to look at more original ways of sustaining our city economy, including continuing to host major events.

Today's event is organised by NESTA - the National Endowment of Science, Technology and the Arts - and I'm joining some big names including Bob Geldof, who's talking on incentivising innovation and the prime Minister Gordon Brown, talking on the edge of innovation and I take part in a panel discussion on the future of social-networking. Enough of me, hear them yourselves at:

It means I have to miss a board meeting of Salford Urban Regeneration Company and I send my apologies. What's good for Salford is good for Manchester and regular readers know how keen I am on partnership working.

Yesterday evening was a welcome return to normality at a local resident's meeting, Parkhill & Cleveland Residents Group - it's great to see so many local people committed to improving their area. And it's lovely not to have to talk about football. For today at least this blog is a football-free zone.

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  1. su maddock Says:

    I also went to the NESTA event which gave social innovators the chance not only to meet each other but to talk to those in government. Innovation in the public sector is less about products and more about people getting together to solve social problems. There is innovation in the public sector but it is too often hidden from the view of policy makers. We are about to launch an innovation exchange across government to bring government closer to local solutions - and I'm pleased Manchester is taking a lead here. Its my belief that it will the force of local examples from entrepreneurs and cities that shift thinking in Whitehall.



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