Still Batting

Spent two days over the Bank Holiday weekend at Old Trafford watching cricket and might have hoped that today, with the first meeting this Municipal year (which starts in May with the local elections) of the Council's Executive, I might be able to put my footballing woes behind me. Not so.

Once the formalities are done, first item on the agenda is Manchester United's phenomenal success this season. Football loyalties cross political boundaries and here whilst both myself and the Leader of the Opposition are blues both our respective sports and leisure lead members are ardent reds. However today is a time to set aside football tribalism and the sort of banter which is alright in the pub and to unite in congratulating MUFC, in agreeing that fans that weren't able to go to Moscow ought to be able to share in celebrating United's success, and that we will push for a parade so that fans are able to do just that.

If that is first on the agenda, the final item on the public part of the agenda is the UEFA Cup Final. We agree terms of references for an enquiry into events on 14th May which will report back in four weeks times and will give the Manchester public and beyond the full picture of what went on and what lessons we should learn.

There is some more normal Council business including improved relocation assistance for home owners effected by redevelopment, proposals for increased decision making at neighbourhood level, what we are going to do to work with the Co-op to develop a " Co-operative quarter " in the northern part of the city centre, and last and most definitely not least, progress on a multi-BILLION pound contract for disposing of Greater Manchester's rubbish over the next 25 years.

I'm delighted to see the increase in comments on the blog. I'm just wondering for this entry, how many will be on football and how many on the rubbish we throw away rather than the rubbish we watch.

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