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Away with the Faeries?

A new municipal year, a new Council Executive and an Away Day to talk about the big things we need to work together on over the coming year.

Not very far away as we meet in the Cathedral Visitor Centre, but far enough away to be uninterrupted. It's a very productive morning but you will have to wait until next week before I reveal the outcomes.

On to lunch in Salford with a range of representatives of industry, commerce, and academia, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. We are with him for an hour and he is very much in listening mode. The only thing missing is the lunch as this well-known riverside hotel doesn't seemed to have grasped the concept of a lunch hour. I follow the Chancellor to the Stevenson Square office of NOISEFESTIVAL.COM. This Manchester based organisation, run on a shoestring, is doing really exciting stuff aimed at giving creative young people from across the country (and beyond) opportunities to turn talent into a career. Their website is well worth a look.

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