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Crossing T's

Another day of variety. Early afternoon is the AGMA Leaders Governance sub-group, an all-party crossing of t's and dotting of i's for the establishment of the first commissions, committees to you and me, proposed in the new operating agreement between the ten Greater Manchester authorities. Riveting stuff!

Then to Crumpsall and a drop-in at St.Thomas's Primary School which gives local residents the chance to ask questions about the new, replacement school which has just gone on site across the road. It has taken years to get to this point and it's impossible not to share the excitement of the Headteacher and other staff about what will be a fantastic centre of learning for that community. Then it's the Crumpsall Green Neighbourhood Renewal Area Steering Group, which is overseeing Housing Market Renewal work in Crumpsall. The big question for this year is whether there's any money and so far we don't know. At least it's a short meeting.

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