Monasteries to Messiaen

No TIF today but an Executive Member/Strategic Management Team away day to look at how we improve our delivery for Manchester. As usual it's not very far away, Gorton in fact, and the superb setting of the restored Gorton Monastery. We cover a wide range of issues but in the afternoon session we give special attention to four themes. The first is the economy and how we maintain Manchester's economic trajectory in the face of global slowdown. The second is housing-supply, affordability, quality, range and management-big issues we are grappling with. The third is recycling and how as part of our greenest city ambition and following the recent extensive consultation we take our recycling rate from the just over 20% to nearer 40% in the next eighteen months. Last but not least we look at how we can get more decision making at the neighbourhood level. It's a productive day and we probably don't spend enough time like this.

In the evening it's the Bridgewater Hall,RNCM's end of year concert,and the final concert for the retiring principal Eddie Gregson. Eddie has done a fantastic job at the college and will be missed there but still intends to contribute to Manchester's development in other ways. It's certainly an exhilarating send-off with the second half consisting of Messiaen's Turangalila-symphonie. A soundscape to match the magnificence of Gorton Monastery and probably not that dissimilar in inspiration.
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