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Red invasion of Crumpsall

It has been a very busy week and so I'm relieved to get to Friday with a meeting and engagement free weekend ahead even though there is still a mountain of paperwork to get through . I'm out at 7.25am to get to Wigan for 8.30am adding to, observing and suffering the congestion along the way that some people like to pretend doesn't exist. Perhaps we're evolving a particular breed of human being who thrive on breathing car exhaust fumes. I've had a second year law student, Shereen Chohan, work-shadowing me all week. Might have been interesting to get her to write the blog as I'm sure it would be a very different perspective on the last five days. After a couple of hours in the office trying to catch up it's back to Crumpsall and to Herristone Park for a very pleasant duty.

Herristone Park was opened forty years ago by Matt Busby, although until a multi-play area was installed a couple of years ago, ball games were banned in the park. There is an active Friends of Herristone Park group who have been doing sterling work alongside Council staff and councillors to improve the park. They have organised an event to mark this fortieth anniversary, and with a little assistance from me, they have Sir Alex Ferguson coming along to unveil a memorial plaque. Alex knows I only watch his team twice a year but is still good enough to make time in his busy schedule, say a few words, kick off an inter-school football tournament and spend half-an-hour signing autographs and having photos taken. Even the rain manages to disappear for these thirty minutes and a large crowd, although not as large as Old Trafford, are well-pleased. Now it's just one more meeting and a fund-raising dinner and I can relax.

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