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Clearing the decks

Thanks to the failure of national negotiations on Town Hall pay I am looking forward to two days out of the office although I'm due to be in London tomorrow anyway. Yesterday I travelled to and from Liverpool by train for a meeting of the North West Regional Leaders' Forum (formerly the NWRA Executive Board). Amongst other things we discussed the redraft of the regional housing strategy and regional transport funding which is fully allocated up to 2018. The journey takes a little over fifty minutes and makes me yearn for a high speed link although that can't happen unless we can sort out the Manchester hub. At least the journey to London should be more comfortable and comparatively a lot quicker. I'm not going to comment on the pay dispute other than to hope it is resolved quickly because a prolonged dispute is bad for Council workers and bad for the people who depend on the services they provide. First up this morning is the Substance conference where I'm speaking about the legacy of major events, something we've done particularly well here, not just with the Commonwealth Games, but with many other events, for example this year's World Sport series, and for Manchester these events have contributed to the wealthier, healthier, and happier themes in our community strategy. Then its a purge of the office, something I've had very little time for over the past couple of weeks, making sure casework and as much of everything else is up-to-date as I can guarantee there will be a backlog by the time I return on Friday.

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