Blue Heaven

Party conference season over, Manchester City over the blue moon, nights drawing in, and even a few complaints about its absence so time to return to the blog. Of course the big event of the autumn isn't going to be football but the chance for citizens all over Greater Manchester to vote on whether or not we should proceed with our proposals to invest £3,000 million in public transport partially funded by a limited congestion charge or not. A stark choice but one you can only play a part in if you are registered to vote on the new electoral register, so if you haven't registered yet, do it now.

Last week we hosted the Labour Party's annual conference in the city (next year it's the Conservatives). I know this brings some minor inconvenience to the city, although not nearly as much as the various utility companies that seem to be digging up roads everywhere, but conferences on this scale not only bring lots of income to key parts of our economy - even more important at the moment given current economic conditions - but also give the city a global profile, and nowadays Manchester doesn't half look good on TV !

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